Statesville City Council condemns six properties

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The Statesville City Council this week approved the condemnation of six properties.

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That’s according to an e-mail from spokeswoman Nancy Davis. The city describes these as “the worst of the worst,” and is expected to spend about $10,000 a piece to tear them down.

The following information from a City of Statesville press release describes the process for condemnation. Note this was issued before the vote.

Statesville City Council will consider the condemnation of six properties at their May 15 Council meeting. These six requests are at the top of a list of 20 properties currently in the condemnation process. Each property will have a separate public hearing, followed by a first reading. Planning Department Director David Currier will present photos and information to support the department’s requests for condemnation and demolition.

The properties are located at 928 Caldwell St., 1322 Fifth St., 725 Bryant St., 1131 Fourth St., 711 Fayetteville Ave., 1711 East Greenbriar Rd.

Condemnation involves several steps:

  • An inspection by the City’s Code Enforcement Officer to determine violations
  • A title search and notification of the property owners of the violations
  • An informal hearing with the Code Enforcement Officer to review the findings and determine property owner’s intent with the property
  • If no efforts are made to repair the property, the matter is brought to Council.

Once these steps are completed, the City contracts for the demolition. Currier said the City has budgeted $118,000 in this year’s budget for condemnation and demolition projects. He estimates that the average cost for the condemnation process and demolition of each property is $10,000.

The list was developed by Planning staff with input from the Statesville Housing Authority and City Council. The properties on the agenda Monday night are considered “the worst of the worst” according to Currier. He explained that they were fast tracked through the process because of their potential danger to public health and safety. Currier expects to bring 4-5 additional properties from the list to the June 5 meeting.

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