Sheriff’s Office: New Jersey man had firearm as a felon

Dwelon Edwards – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren E. Campbell stated: On Sunday August 6, 2017, members of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Team, stopped a Northbound 2017 Cherokee with a Connecticut registration plate for a traffic violation.

Deputies approached the car and began speaking with Dwelon Edwards. He told the deputies he was on his way from Savannah, Georgia to Jersey City, New Jersey. While speaking with the deputies about his residence in New Jersey and his registration being out of Connecticut, deputies received consent to search the vehicle.

While searching the vehicle, deputies located a loaded 40 caliber Taurus Semiautomatic handgun, along with two extra magazines, and a box of 40 caliber ammunition. While researching the weapon to determine if it was stolen, deputies learned Edwards was a convicted felon out of the state of New Jersey.

Based on the fact Dwelon Edwards was a felon, he was arrested and taken to the Iredell County Detention Center where he was charged with one Count of Felony Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. He was given a 25,000.00 dollar secured bond.

Dwelon Andelle Edwards 40 Years Old
59 Gardner Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07304

Criminal History:

Use or Possess drugs with intent to use, Possession of Drugs on School Property, Manufacture, Distribute Heroin, Burglary, Possession of Prohibited Weapons or Devices, Unlawful Possession of Weapons.

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