Sheriff’s Office IDs man whose body was found in Lake Norman

WSIC file photo


Sheriff Darren Campbell said: on September 2nd, 2017 Deputies and Detectives responded to the area of Oak Tree Rd, Mooresville NC to a reported body in Lake Norman. Upon arrival Detectives assisted by Rescue personnel recovered the body of a man who at the time was un-identified. Detectives began the process of trying to identify the man and started with talking with people living in the area.

Detectives spoke with surrounding agencies and searched available data bases for anyone reported missing or suspected drowning victims with no matches immediately found. A press release was sent out in hopes that someone could provide information about the man. Detectives soon received a call from a concerned parent who explained they had not seen their son in two days. Other information received from the concerned parent lead Detectives to believe it could the victim located earlier in the day.

After speaking with the medical examiner the autopsy was scheduled for September 5th at Baptist Hospital. While waiting on the autopsy Detectives continued the investigation following up on potential leads and with the potential match. On September 5th Detectives with dental records in hand attended the autopsy at Baptist.

The medical examiner performed an autopsy and found the victim died from drowning. There were no indications or assault or other signs of foul play. The Autopsy had not been finalized at this point but nothing is expected to change the preliminary results. In addition the Medical Examiner was able to identify the man as Jonathan Michael Herran W/M 29 years old.

Mr. Herran has an address in South Charlotte but has a direct connection to a home not far from where the body was located. The investigation is still ongoing but all indications are that this is an accidental drowning with no evidence of foul play.

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