Sheriff’s Office: Armed with bowie knife, man claims to be law enforcement officer

Jimmy Ayers – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sherriff Darren Campbell stated that Detective Sgt. Katie Harwell was following up on a domestic assault incident involving the suspect, Jimmy Ayers and his wife. During the investigation it was discovered that Ayers approached a subject in a vehicle and presented himself as a law enforcement officer. Ayers, who was armed with a Bouie knife, claimed he was looking for a female and needed to search the victim’s car. Ayers told the victim there was a reward for the woman, and he could obtain a cash reward at the Sheriff’s Office. The victim allowed Ayers to search the vehicle, however the female was not located inside the vehicle. Ayers became upset and began to stab property in the vehicle belonging to victim, causing damage. The victim told Ayers to stop and wanted to see his ID. Ayers said he didn’t have to show anything and threatened the victim while still holding the knife. The victim was able to get back in the vehicle and leave the area.

Ayers was arrested and taken before Magistrate Boyd on March 8, 2017 and received a secure bond of $4,000.00. Ayers was also served a warrant for Assault on a Female due to an altercation that occurred on March 1st 2017 between Ayers and his wife.

Ayers has had the following convictions: (4 counts) Driving While Impaired, (4 counts) Driving While License Revoked, (2 counts) Simple Worthless Check, Fictitious Information to Officer and Resist/Obstruct Officer.

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