New N.B. Mills principal named

Sheliah Burnette – Picture courtesy of Iredell-Statesville Schools


When an administrator of an educational building tells you that their most important role is to lead their school in instructional excellence, you know you have someone who puts children and their learning first. Sheliah Burnette not only puts students first, but exudes enthusiasm, dependability and a strong work ethic.

Ms. Burnette’s building level work experience began in Granville County Schools in January of 2006 as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) District Director/Counselor at Granville Middle School. Transitioning in June of 2008 to the City of Medicine Academy (a part of Durham Public Schools) Ms. Burnette served as Counselor and Student Services Coordinator until she began service as the Assistant Principal Intern at the Academy. In August of 2012, Southern Middle School (Person County) called her to be their Assistant Principal for that academic year. Most recently, Ms. Burnette served as Assistant Principal at Lucas Middle School (Durham Public Schools) for four years.

Sheliah Burnette received her Bachelor of Social Work from Meredith College, a Master’s ‘degree in both Counselor Education and School Administration and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Educational Leadership at UNC-Chapel Hill.

“I live by the philosophy that ‘if excellence is possible, then good is not enough’. I am honored to be a part of this amazing community”, Ms. Burnette said. Superintendent Brady Johnson said “Ms. Burnette has big shoes to fill but the amazing staff at N.B. Mills has already welcomed her warmly. Our goal is a seamless transition for the students and the continuation of the fine work that is done on a daily basis at N.B. Mills Elementary.”

Ms. Burnette will officially begin her duties at N.B. Mills on July 1, 2017.

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