Neighborhood clean-ups planned for Saturday



The Statesville Recreation and Parks is organizing neighborhood clean-ups as part of Saturday, Oct. 7’s Big Sweep Community Clean-up Day. Typically, volunteers walk the Fourth Creek greenway and creek banks on this annual clean-up day, but this year, they’ve added the areas around Bentley Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club to focus on as well.

“Residents seem very concerned about the litter and trash that can be found on the pathways and streets of our City,” said Brent Cornelison, Statesville Recreation and Parks Director. “So, this year, we’re expanding our efforts and hopefully, people will come out and make a difference.”

Interested persons can show up to volunteer at 10 a.m. at the following areas: Bentley Community Center, 1410 Third St., to clean up along Old Charlotte Hwy. between Shelton Ave. and Wilmington Ave.; Boys and Girls Club on Cochran St. to clean up along the neighborhood roads; and the Fitness and Activity Center, 1875 Simonton Rd., to clean the Fourth Creek greenway with emphasis around the Davie Ave. and I-77 bridge overpasses.

The City is providing trash bags, gloves and pick up of the trash bags following the event. “If anyone has other areas they’d like to work in, just let us know and we’ll get them the supplies,” said Cornelison. They can call 704-878-3429 or post on the Big Sweep event listed on the Recreation and Parks’ Facebook page (

Cornelison hopes the event will grow, but for this year, (to paraphrase a famous German poet), “If everyone cleans their own porch, then the whole town is clean.”

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