Mooresville PD looking for two in shooting, assault investigation

Daylan Hallman and William Silverstein – Pictures courtesy of the Mooresville Police Department


MOORESVILLE, N.C. – On Monday, July 3, Mooresville police officers responded to a report of a shooting and robbery at 106 Shining Armor Court. The initial investigation determined two victims had been assaulted, and these victims were in a vehicle on Citation Drive. Two suspects were identified as Daylan Grant Hallman of Troutman, NC, and William Charles Silverstein of Mooresville, NC. Silverstein’s residence is a Mooresville address, but it lies within Rowan County.

During the assault, Silverstein produced a large knife and Hallman produced a handgun. One victim was assaulted inside the vehicle, then the two victims both exited the vehicle. Hallman then exited the vehicle and fired shots at the two victims striking one in the leg. The victim was treated for a gunshot wound at an area hospital and has been released.

Hallman and Silverstein have been charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill and Inflict Serious Injury, Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Felony Conspiracy. Hallman has also been charged with Assault by Pointing a Gun.

Anyone with information on these individuals is encouraged to contact the Mooresville Police Department at 704-664-3311, or the Mooresville-South Iredell Crimestoppers at 704-658-9056.

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