Mooresville Fire-Rescue receives best possible insurance rating

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MOORESVILLE, NC: During tonight’s Town Board of Commissioners meeting, Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Mike Causey recognized Mooresville Fire-Rescue for achieving the highest possible inspections rating, ISO Class 1. Mooresville Fire-Rescue is the only fire service with less than 100,000 residents to receive this rating in North Carolina.

In February 2017, Mooresville Fire–Rescue was anticipating a site visit from the Department of Insurance to perform an insurance rating inspection to determine the amount of insurance premiums home and businesses will have to pay each year. The inspection ratings range from 10 to 1, with 1 being the best fire protection offered to its citizens. Prior to this year’s inspection, Mooresville Fire-Rescue held a rating of a 3. The better the grade, the lower a person may pay for insurance on their properties.

The grading system looks at almost every aspect of a department including water & hydrant distribution, fire station placement, apparatus placement, emergency communications, training & equipment, and public education programs.

“There were several strategic decisions made by former and current fire chiefs and Town Boards that made this task achievable,” said Fire Chief Curt Deaton. “The addition of Fire Station 5 and our fire training center, along with some additional personnel and fire apparatus, assisted us in adding the needed coverage to achieve this improved rating. Also, public safety is normally a large portion of any municipal budget and without the support of our elected officials and citizens we would not have been able to accomplish this goal.”

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