Iredell man accused of vehicle break-ins, using stolen credit card

Logan Baker – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated on May 31st 2017, Deputies with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office received reports of breaking and entering to motor vehicles and larceny of debit and credit cards on Huntfeild way, Mooresville. The vehicles were unlocked at the time of the break ins. Detective Patrick Irwin with the Criminal Investigations Division was assigned the case and began speaking with witnesses and community members on Huntfeild way. During the investigation, Detective Irwin discovered that transactions were made on the victim’s credit card after it was stolen at the Mooresville Wal-Mart located at 169 Noman Station Blvd, Mooresville. Detective Irwin was able to obtain clear video footage of the suspect using the stolen debit cards as well as the vehicle the suspect was driving. The footage was then circulated on social media and Detective Irwin received several responses from citizens of Iredell County stating that the person in the video was a Logan Dean Baker of Phillips Ln, Statesville. Detective Irwin was able to speak with family of Logan Dean Baker and they confirmed that it was him in the video footage and that the vehicle belonged to family members. Detective Irwin was able to make contact with Logan Baker but he refused to come interview with him. Detective Irwin was able to obtain warrants for his arrest on the charges of breaking and entering to a motor vehicle, larceny, identity theft, and obtain property by false pretense on June 14th, 2017. On August 8th 2017, after two months of eluding Law Enforcement, Logan Dean Baker was arrested by Salisbury Police Department by the request of Statesville Police Department in reference to a larceny of a motor vehicle that happened within the city limits of Statesville. He was then escorted to the Iredell County Detention Facility and given a $25,000 secure bond.

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