Iredell County government says it’s ready for Irma

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Iredell County continues to work with local, state, and regional partners to prepare for Hurricane Irma. Emergency resources have been verified and additional staff will be on-duty beginning this weekend to assist the public throughout this storm.

The primary concerns as of Friday are the potential for heavy rain (in excess of three inches) and moderate wind which, when combined could lead to downed trees and extended power outages. Localized flooding is also possible. The public is advised to follow general safety guidelines and avoid areas with downed power lines and do not drive through flooded areas of roadway.

If shelters are needed due to damage or power outages, a message will be sent out on the County’s emergency notification network, HyperReach. The public can register to receive messages by logging onto or visiting and clicking on the “Opt In hyper-reach link” on the right side of the page.

Please contact 5th Street Ministries (704-872-4045) in Statesville should you need immediate shelter prior to Iredell County officially opening shelters at South Iredell High School and the War Memorial in Mooresville.

If you or someone you know has special medical needs that emergency management personnel should be aware of, click on the “Special Needs Registry” on the bottom of the page at, complete the form and email it to Jody Smyre, EM Coordinator for Iredell County at .

Additional updates will be provided as information becomes available.

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