Iredell Commissioners concerned about possible change in sales tax distribution


Concerns about proposed state legislation were raised at this week’s County Commissioners meeting.

      1. 2015-04-23CountyCCmeeting

A bill currently in the Senate seeks to re-distribute sales tax revenues to less wealthy counties by changing distribution to a per-capita basis.

(AUDIO: “Every time government becomes more concerned with being fair than effective, its going to cost you a lot of money.”).

Commissioner Ken Robertson. His colleague Commissioner Steve Johnson is worried about state control of sales tax revenue.

(AUDIO: “Why should we believe that if the economy falters in the next economic downturn that they would do anything differently than they’ve done in the past? They will withhold sales tax revenues that rightly belong to the counties and they will use it to pay their own bills.”).

The County Attorney has been ordered to study the issue and create a resolution opposing the proposed law.

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