Concerns of party disloyalty in Iredell GOP



There are concerns of disloyalty in the race for Iredell’s Republican Party chair, set for election Saturday.  

      1. 2015-3-16 partydisloyalty

Diane Umbarger admits to supporting Sean Schutt in last fall’s Sheriff election, but says… (Its not party disloyalty. Sean Schutt was a republican and at that point I was not on any board. I did resign from being area captain – Umbarger).  

The Iredell GOP Rules of Organization define party disloyalty as actively supporting a candidate of another party or independent candidate running in opposition to a candidate of the Republican Party.  Sean Schutt is a Republican but was considered the independent in that election.  In two-thousand twelve, Umbarger and fellow GOP chair candidate Matt McCall both supported write-in candidate Sara Hair Tice over Republican candidate Renee Griffith.  

(Commissioners who are also all republicans, asked for the resignation…and there was a write-in effort organized, but Ms. Tice is republican. – McCall).  Sara Hair Tice is indeed a Republican, but was defined purely as a write-in candidate by the Board of Elections Office at the time.  GOP rules concerning disloyalty do not address that situation.  Current Iredell Republican Chair Rhonda Waugh did not return our request for comment.

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