City of Statesville and residential water lines burst in frigid temps

WSIC File Photo


This week’s low temperatures are causing problems with freezing pipes – both for City of Statesville water customers and the City’s water lines.

Statesville Water/Sewer Division Superintendent Joe Moose said that the City has received about 18 calls from customers who have experienced problems with freezing pipes. Two City water lines also burst last night, but were repaired quickly.

Moose said his crews respond to customers’ calls about frozen pipes, but usually, the customer has to call a plumber to make the repairs.

More work is required when a City water line breaks. Moose said that both breaks Tuesday night were called in quickly and were repaired promptly. One was located on Garner Bagnal Blvd. near the I-77 interchange and did not impact any customers. The second break, on Gay Street, left customers without water for several hours. “However, we had it repaired before most folks woke up,” explained Moose.

When ground temperatures rise and fall, the ground expands and contracts, causing the weak part of a line to occasionally burst. Moose said this occurs especially with cast iron pipes. Fortunately, he added, when a cast iron pipe ruptures, it pops in a 360-degree circle and is not as difficult to repair.

Moose also reminds customers to protect their backflow prevention devices from freezing. He said that local plumbing supply stores carry insulated blankets that can be used to cover the devices.

Here are some tips to remember to help keep pipes from freezing:

  • Close all vents and crawlspace doors.
  • Use crawlspaces pipe insulation.
  • Let the faucet drip during low temperatures.
  • Have bottle water available (and maybe a 5 gal. bucket for toilets) in case pipes freeze or a water main breaks.
  • Disconnect all water hoses from spigots.

Please report any water seen bubbling up at the street or running down the curb line. Call 704-878-3417 or 704-878-3562, M-F, 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Call 704-878-3406 after hours and weekends.

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