105 arrested as agencies target south Statesville crime

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Sheriff Darren E. Campbell stated: The first phase of a three week, multiple law enforcement agency operation concentrating on a large area of south Statesville, has come to a conclusion. The operation netted over 1050 vehicle stops, 56 narcotic arrests, 41 wanted persons taken into custody, 5 stolen fire arms recovered, along with 3 narcotic search warrants being executed, numerous citations being issued, and over 426 foot patrols.
For several months preceding the operation, the Sheriff’s office was made aware of various crimes being committed in south Statesville, via email and complaints from both residents and business owners. In response to the citizens asking for help controlling crime in the area, Sheriff Campbell reached out to various community leaders to make them aware of the coordinated multi agency response to the crimes being reported in the area. In cooperation with Chief Joe Barone of the Statesville Police Department, and the Sheriff’s Office committed to work this area intensively for the duration of three weeks.

The Sheriff’s Office assigned a team of 10 deputies, comprised of detectives, narcotic investigators, along with uniformed officers to work altered schedules to target high crime times, along with members of the Statesville Police Department, North Carolina Highway Patrol, North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, and North Carolina Probation and Parole. These law enforcement officers worked 12 hour shifts in highly visible areas in both marked and unmarked vehicles. In addition, they conducted foot patrols along with undercover surveillance and narcotic purchase operations.

All contacts, however were not focused on criminal activity. Several officers participated in games of basketball with area children, visited with residents and many spoke with business owners and employees to gather information and obtain valuable insights into the concerns in the various neighborhoods. This resulted over 925 non- law enforcement interactions.

By being open with the community and transparent in our efforts to greatly diminish crime in these areas, the Sheriff’s Office and law enforcement community hopes to build long lasting relationships that will empower residents, and will forge a bridge of open and safe communication between citizens and the officers that serve these communities. 
The Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office will continue to have a presence in neighborhoods and will serve to assist the police department for some time to reinforce the impact made during the last several weeks.

Special Assignment 3 Week total May 25th thru June 14th

Vehicle Stops 1,050
Wanted Persons 41
License Checks 44
Citations Traffic 573
Citations Drugs 95
Warning verbal/written 325
Arrests Traffic 46
Arrests Drugs 56
Arrests total 105
Security checks, includes non-enforcement public interaction like visiting with citizens 925
Field Interviews 69
Foot Patrol 426 (walking streets)
Recovered Property 5 Firearms (stolen)
Other enforcement (ex- DUI, Larceny, Stolen Goods)
3 DWI’s, one missing person, 8 narcotic cases generated
2 Search Warrants
33 others enforcement actions

Citations 668, arrests 105, Total enforcement 773

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