Iredell Health System creates pathway for new CEO as Rush eyes retirement


John Green – Picture courtesy of Iredell Health System


Statesville, NC – Iredell Health System announced today the appointment of John Green to the position of Chief Operating Officer, a new position within the system.

John Green has been an employee of Iredell Health System for more than 17 years, serving most recently as Vice President of Professional Services and Facility Planning. In his new role as COO, Green will oversee the day-to-day operations of the health system and will work closely with current President and CEO Ed Rush to ensure that the mission, vision and values of Iredell Health System continue to be upheld, and that the health system’s strategic plan continues to move forward in the right direction.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to be serving in this new capacity for such an outstanding organization,” said Green. “Our physicians and our employees are focused on the wellbeing of our community, and because of their stellar efforts, the future of Iredell Health System continues to be bright. I look forward to continuing our work together and to being a part of our health system’s growth.”

John Green appeared on WSIC’s Local Biz Now with business broker Joe Vagnone in 2016.

Rush has been with Iredell Health System since 2004 and plans to retire in Spring 2019. John Green will become CEO when Rush retires.

“Ed made the Board of Directors aware that he was approaching retirement and we put together a selection committee to ensure there would be a smooth transition when that time comes,” said David Green, Chairman of the Board for Iredell Health. “John is a very seasoned healthcare professional, has been very involved in this community for many years. The board is confident that the growth in services and focus on quality patient care will continue under John’s leadership. We are most appreciative of the guidance and leadership Ed provided us for all these years and thank him for his service to our hospital, employees and community.”

John Green will be only the fifth President and CEO since the opening of Iredell Memorial Hospital in 1954.
“It is an honor to work for Iredell,” said Rush. “I am happy that we have chosen one of our own employees to take on this role. John knows the culture of Iredell Health, and will foster that culture while simultaneously bringing fresh and new ideas as we move forward. I am confident he will continue to focus on our employees, patients, and community with a constant attention to the health system’s mission: Inspire Wellbeing — Together.”

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