Statesville Council approves Larkin re-zoning

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Another step towards the development of the Larkin Regional Commerce Park took place at Monday night’s City Council meeting with the approval of the rezoning of the 1,009-acre development from Planned Unit Development (PUD) to HI (Highway Business) and HI (Heavy Industrial). Only one property owner near the development addressed concerns about the possible impact of heavy industries. City Planning Director David Currier also displayed a list of uses not allowed in the HB and HI districts. City staff and the Larkin developers are creating a development agreement that will flesh out the details for the project as it relates to roads, sidewalks, traffic, open space, buffers, etc.

During the public hearing for the proposed rezoning of property on Oakland Ave. that would allow a convenience store, John Staford asked that Council consider prohibiting the sale of drug-related paraphernalia and single alcoholic beverages. The rezoning passed unanimously.

Second readings for both these rezonings will take place at the Oct. 2nd Council meeting.

Statesville City Council will meet Monday night, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. This meeting provides an opportunity for public comment. Persons desiring to speak at this time must sign up on the list located at the City Clerk’s counter in Council Chambers. Speakers are allowed three minutes to talk on any topic not included on the meeting’s agenda.

Jim Prosser, executive director for the Centralina Council of Governments, updated Council on the status of the Vance Hotel redevelopment project. Prosser reminded them that balancing public interest and financial investment is key to the future of the project. Currently, the City is working with a developer on a plan to create apartments in the structure. Prosser said he believed it is important for the public to have an opportunity to learn about and give feedback on the developer’s plans and costs. Prosser will work with staff to plan an open house for the public to review the plans. He also said that an independent financial advisor will analyze the feasibility of the project’s costs.

In other business, Ron Matthews was appointed to the ABC Board; Bob Saltzman, Jay Brown and David Alexander were appointed to the Airport Commission; and Jay Patel, David Bradley, Nickey Mott and Joseph Bondi were appointed to the Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

No one spoke during the public comment period. All items on the consent and regular agenda passed unanimously.

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