Statesville teen accused of robbing First National Bank

Bryce Harper-Coney – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


Statesville NC: On Friday morning, December 8, 2017, just before 9:30, SPD officers received a report of a bank robbery at First National bank, located at 325 E. Front St. Multiple SPD officers and CID personnel responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, officers verified that everyone was ok and unharmed, and an investigation was started. A description was broadcast of the suspect, who was described as a black male, about 6’0”, wearing a black and red hoodie, and a camo colored back pack.

The suspect had entered the back, approached one of the bank employees, and demanded money. The suspect did not display or imply that he was armed. The employee complied, handing the suspect money. The suspect then left the bank on foot walking.

SPD Officers and Investigators also began canvassing the area. Just after 10 AM, CID Investigators Attrie Wooten and Garrett Deal observed a suspect matching the description of the bank robbery suspect, on W. Broad St. just as he was about to walk into Bank of America on W. Broad St. The suspect was detained, and was positively identified as the suspect from bank video. The suspect was still in possession of the cash taken from First National bank.

The suspect, Bryce Xavier Harper-Coney, B/M, 18, of Statesville NC was arrested and charged with Common Law Robbery. He was taken before a Magistrate and was held on a $100,000 secured bond.

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