Sheriff’s Office: Lake Norman teen stole vehicles for joy rides, setting off fire extinguishers

Travis Mosher – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated on July 27th 2017, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office began receiving reports of motor vehicle breaking and entering and larceny of motor vehicles. The initial was of a stolen vehicle from Isle of Pines Road in Mooresville that was later recovered off of Brick Kiln Way Mooresville. Around the same time the reports of that vehicle being stolen, calls came in of jet-skis being stolen from community marinas at Cove Creek Loop off of Isle of Pines Road and across the cove at Squam Court.

In addition Deputies responded to a breaking and entering to a motor vehicle and larceny of a motor vehicle in progress on Poplis Road off of Brawley School Road. Once on scene Deputies determined the suspect had jumped and ran from the stolen car that was found at the end of Poplis Road in the cul-de-sac abandoned with the keys still in it. A K9 Officer responded to the scene and began tracking. The track lead Officers to a maintenance building belonging to Trump National Golf Club.

Deputies searched the area and located another vehicle with its parking lights on and keys inside in a wooded area near the maintenance building. It was quickly determined this vehicle belonged to Trump National Golf Club. As Deputies continued to search it was discovered the gate to the maintenance building and a window to the building had been pried open.

In the days that followed as Detectives continued the investigation another report came in on Sunday July 30th 2017. This was another report of a stolen vehicle, this vehicle was stolen from Easton Drive in the Point and later recovered a short distance away at the intersection of Jeremy Point Place and Poplis Drive, the same area where the vehicles were stolen from the night before.

During the investigation, Detectives interviewed multiple victims and witnesses about possible suspects. During the investigation Detectives gained information about a suspect named Travis who lived in the area where the crimes had occurred. Detective Patrick Irwin and Detective Clodfelter who was assigned the cases located a witness who admitted they had rode in one of the stolen vehicles not knowing it was stolen.

This witness and now others were located that all indicated Travis Cole Mosher had been driving the stolen vehicles. In addition evidence indicated that Mosher had contacted friends using a phone at the scene of the one of the crimes. As additional witnesses were located new evidence was found that linked Mosher to boat breaking and entering and stolen Jet Ski’s in the area of Milford Circle.

The combined information gathered by Deputies and Detectives indicated that Mosher was involved in multiple crimes involving vehicles, boats and one building. Indications were that he would take cars and Jet Ski’s for joy rides along with other crimes including setting off fire extinguishers while out at night.

On August 2nd Mosher was located and an interview was conducted. Based on all the evidence Travis Cole Mosher was arrested and charged with five counts of breaking and entering to a motor vehicle, six counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, one count of breaking and entering to a building, two counts of misdemeanor larceny. Travis was placed under arrest, transported to the Iredell County Detention Center and given a $40,000 secure bond.

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