Sherifff’s Office: Intoxicated underage individual assaulted Deputy during arrest

Hayden Davidson, Kristian Saul and Danielle Oddo – Pictures courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated on October 4th at approximately 11:45 pm deputies responded to 107 Barrington Lane Apartment L in reference to a domestic dispute. Deputies learned that all parties involved were intoxicated and everyone was under the age of 21 years of age. Deputies also learned that one of the subjects involved Mr. Hayden Davidson had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for Assault on a Female. While trying to place Mr. Davidson under arrest he began fighting with deputies causing injuries to one deputy requiring medical attention. This Deputy was treated and released from Iredell Memorial Hospital after it was discovered that he did not have a broken bone. Mr. Davidson also assaulted two other deputies during the fight but was eventually placed under arrest.

Mr. Davidson was charged with Felony Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer Causing Physical Injury, two counts of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest, and Consuming Alcohol Under the Age of 21.

Mr. Davidson went before Magistrate Steve Nicholson where he received a $5,000 secured bond. Mr. Davidson received no bond on his outstanding warrant due to it being a domestic charge.
The two other subjects, Mr. Kristian Saul and Ms. Danielle Oddo were placed under arrest without any incident assault charge. Mr. Saul and Ms. Oddo were charged with Consuming Alcohol Under the Age of 21. Mr. Saul received a $500 secured bond and Ms. Oddo received a $1000 secured bond.

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