Iredell man accused of sexually abusing 7-year-old

Thomas Wilson – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated in July a report was filed by Catawba County DSS concerning possible sexual abuse of a 7 year old female living in Catawba County. Catawba County DSS reported that the sexual abuse occurred in Iredell County by a family member’s boyfriend, Thomas Wilson. The juvenile was interviewed at the Catawba County Children’s Advocacy Center where the juvenile disclosed that she was sexually abused by while visiting family. While the investigation was still ongoing, two more victims came forward concerning allegations involving the suspect, Thomas Wilson. One of the new victims was interviewed at the Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center and the other was interviewed in Rockingham County. Based on the investigation and statements collected, Thomas Jeffrey Wilson of 154 Ellis Rd was charged with three Felony Counts of Statutory Sex Offense with a Child and 1 Count of Indecent Liberties. A charge of one count of Felony Indecent Liberties was filed by Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office as well.

Thomas Jeffrey Wilson was arrested on November 20, 2017 he received a $1,075,000.00 secure bond on the charges here in Iredell County. Thomas Wilson was also served with the warrant out of Rockingham County where he received an additional 75,000.00 secure bond with a total bond amount of 1,150,000.00 secure bond.

Wilson’s prior convictions include: Intoxicated and Disruptive, Resist Public Officer, Malicious Conduct by a Prisoner, Assault of Government Official, Driving while License Revoked ( four counts), Assault and Battery, Indignities to an Officer, Injury to Real Property, Felony Larceny, No Operator’s License (3 counts), Operate a Vehicle with no Insurance, and Driving while Impaired.

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