Facebook post helps deputies find stolen four-wheeler, teens arrested

Tommy Sanders, Matthew Rogers and Caleb Lecrone – Pictures courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: On Monday January 29, 2018 deputies responded to a residence on Gator Hollow Lane, Statesville in reference to a reported larceny. The victim stated someone had stolen three four-wheelers from the property. Two of the stolen four-wheelers were located a short distance from the property in the edge of an open field.

The third stolen four-wheeler, a red Polaris Sportsman 500 was not located. Deputies discovered tire tracks left by the Polaris four wheeler, leading away from the property.

Deputies gathered information on the stolen item and processed the scene for evidence. The victim stated, his son had spoken with Caleb Lecrone last week, and Lecrone was asking questions about the Polaris. The victim additionally advised the deputies, Caleb Lecrone often hung out with Matthew and Zach Rogers who live on Cross Country Road. Deputies canvassed the area for the stolen four-wheeler, and were not able to locate it.

The reporting party, called deputies back and told them he had been riding the local roads searching for the stolen Polaris, and saw a four-wheeler on Denny Road, with three or four people riding it but stated he could not confirm the four wheeler he had seen was the Polaris.

The case was forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation. Detectives contacted the victim, and learned he had posted a message on Facebook notifying neighbors in the area his Polaris had been stolen. The victim received a response from an individual who had seen a four wheeler on Monday afternoon at the corner of Mountain View and Brookhaven Roads and there was four people on the four-wheeler when she had seen it.

Detectives went to the area of Denny Road, and began canvassing the area seeking information. Detectives stopped at 161 Denny Road where they saw two four wheelers parked at the side of the residence. One appeared at a distance to be a Polaris, however it was painted gray. Detectives made contact with Matthew Rogers and Tommy Sanders at this residence.

During an interview with these two young men, detectives were told that Caleb Lecrone had arrived at the residence on Monday riding a Polaris four-wheeler which was parked at the side of the residence. Detectives were given permission to look at the four-wheeler, and discovered this four-wheeler was indeed the stolen Polaris. They recovered four-wheeler and returned it to the owner.

Detectives located Caleb Lecrone at 508 Tuckers Grove Road. He admitted to detectives he stole the Polaris four-wheeler from Gator Hollow Lane. Lecrone was arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office for additional questioning.

During this interview, detectives learned Lecrone had attempted to steal the two smaller four wheelers which were located at the edge of an open field but he could not get them started, so he left them in the field. Lecrone then stole the Polaris and rode it to Denny Road. Once there Caleb Lecrone, Matthew Rogers, and Tommy Sanders quickly painted the Polaris four wheeler gray so no one would recognize it.

Caleb John Lecrone was taken before Magistrate Daniel Chambers, where he was charged with one count of Felony Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, and two counts of Attempted Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. Lecrone was given a $5,000.00 Secured Bond.

Matthew Daniel Rogers was arrested and taken before Magistrate Justin Hollar, where Rogers was charged with one count of Felony Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Rogers was given a $3,000.00 Secured Bond.

Tommy Joe Sanders was arrested and taken before Magistrate Justin Hollar, where Sanders was charged with one count of Felony Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Sanders was given a $3,000.00 Secured Bond.

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