Community and police come together as drug investigation concludes

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A four-month investigation came to a successful end Friday morning after Statesville Police arrested four individuals on a variety of drug and firearms charges. Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone and other SPD officers ended the day with local pastors, children, parents and citizens for pizza and fellowship at Cochran Street Baptist Church.

“It took four months,” said Barone, “but I know the work we did leading up to these arrests today will make a difference in this community.”

The arrests come after complaints from the community led to an extensive investigation by the SPD Narcotics Division into reported drug sales and trafficking occurring in two different areas in Statesville. This team, along with the SPD Special Response Team, SPD Criminal Investigations Division with assistance from NC SBI agents, searched the first residence at 639 Harrison St. about 8:30 a.m. this morning.

Three subjects, all brothers, were detained without incident and the search yielded more than 54 grams of crack and powder cocaine, more than $1,200 US currency, three handguns and one rifle with a drum magazine. (see below)

Later Friday morning, SPD Narcotics Investigators, the SPD Special Response Team, and Criminal Investigations Division served a search warrant at 307 Winston Ave. (see below)

According to Barone, “When the officers entered the residence, there was evidence indicating that the suspect was actively manufacturing crack cocaine.” The drugs, items used for the manufacture and sale of crack cocaine and over $900 in US Currency were seized.

“We are very thankful for the support we received today from the SBI in developing a case strong enough to make these arrests,” he explained. “But tonight we are even more thankful that our community is working together to make a brighter future for these kids.”

Patrick Maurice Curruth, 26, B/M, Statesville
Charged with Trafficking Cocaine, PWISD Cocaine, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon
Received $300,000 Secured Bond

Quentin Lee Curruth, 27, B/M, Statesville
Charged with Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling Received a $25,000 Secured Bond

Quience Eugene Curruth, 29, B/M, Statesville Charged with Felony Maintaining a Dwelling Received $2,500 Secured Bond

Derrick Shamar Ramseur, 35, B/M, Statesville
Charged with PWISD Cocaine, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling Received $30,000 Secured Bond

Barone was on the scene for both search warrants and applauded the work of the Narcotics Division, as well as the SRT & CID Units who assisted, on their diligent efforts to get hard drugs and firearms out of our neighborhoods. He also emphasized the importance of citizen involvement, stating that these investigations started by the department receiving complaint calls and tips regarding the activities going on at these locations. SPD also continues to work closely with the D.A.’s office and other agencies to prosecute these suspects to the fullest extent possible in order to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our streets.

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